Pulling Myself Back on the Wagon

      Every so often, I want to quit. I just get so overwhelmed with life, that keeping on track with weight loss and exercise is just too much. 

     Last week was one of those weeks. I just didn’t care, and I just wanted to give up. 
It wasn’t like I haven’t been seeing results, because I have. What set me off track and into my “why does it matter” mindset was one innocent comment. One comment that meant “I am worried that you aren’t working out as much anymore” was interpreted at “you look like you’re gaining weight.” I’m that sensitive at times, and I decided I was going to quit. Go get my fat clothes back, and just gain it all back. Not a good mindset. 

     So after a week of wanting to give up, I’ve decided to go back at it. I’ve also decided to change a few things. Nothing huge, but I do feel like a few changes and an attitude adjustment are in order.

     First, I’m am going to continue using Weight Watchers, but I’m really going to start focusing on counting Macronutrients(carbs, protein, and fats) as well. I’ve never done this before, but I have heard from several people that it works well. At this moment, I’m still overwhelmed and figuring it out. To help myself track, I’m using an app that will track  macros and calories. If this seems to work better for me, I will probably drop Weight Watchers and do this entirely. I probably won’t change most of my eating habits other than adding in more of whatever macro I’m needing. Personally I think I eat fairly healthy. I predict I will be short in the protein department because after hard workouts I cannot seem to get full. 

     Second, I have been working out everyday. Sometimes it’s small, but everyday I have been doing something. I am going to adjust this slightly by doing a short strength exercise in the morning before my shower and then a longer exercise later in the day. I refuse to go back to the perv gym again, so I am going to really focus on doing stuff at home. I may also start going to class every so often for fun. So if there is anyone who wants to go, hit me up! I’m open to try anything. So far this week, I am doing a “guns and buns” challenge in the morning. Last night I did a home workout that I found on Pinterest along with that. Tonight, I’m planning on doing a workout cardio video from my 21DayFix plan. 

     Third, I am going to work on staying positive. Keeping a good attitude is key to being successful at anything. I have paid a therapist hundreds of dollars to teach me coping skills, and I need to use them. No matter how hard life gets I know I can handle it. Small comments should never get under my skin. I can see my results. I feel them daily. Just look at my pants!!! If I am happy, who cares what everyone else thinks. 

     I have worked so hard for over a year now, and I know I can work harder. My main goal at the beginning of this journey was to get healthy so I can live a long and happy life. I’ve got the happy part. Now I just need to keep my focus so that happy life doesn’t get cut short.  


Author: jessethephoenix

Teacher, learner, dog mom, and nerd

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