10 Reasons I Hate Working Out 

I am not going to lie, I hate working out. Once upon a time, I used to dance and I enjoyed that. I quit that in college and then I began my weight GAINING journey.

Years later I am trying to get back into shape, and I’m constantly hitting the same brick wall. Here is my list on why working out sucks.

1. It takes too much time.

By the time I drive to the gym, change, and workout, I am usually at one and a half hour to two hours. Or if I workout at home, I have to change, move furniture, find something to keep the boys busy, workout, and then clean up. The shortest amount of time that has ever taken me is an hour. I just don’t like taking that much time out of my day, and the majority of the time I’m going down the list of the 50 other things I have to do that day. 

2. It makes me smell bad. 

If I workout, that’s it for the day. My body smells like death. Until I shower again I have to stay away from the rest of the human population. Don’t tell worry, Derek and the boys let me know how much I stink after a workout. 

3. I hate the gym I attend.

The gym that I have a membership to is disgusting. It smells bad, the equipment is constantly breaking, it’s dirty, there is rarely any parking, and it’s incredibly small. Also there is a group of guys that think it’s appropriate to “creep” on any new women members as soon as they join. I’m sure if I caused a huge fuss I could get out of my membership contract, but that’s not really me. It stresses me out just going in there but it is the only gym close to my house and office. 

Look how crowded those machines are!! When there are people you can’t move.

4. I always have to go alone.

I feel like this is a problem lots of people have when it comes to working out. I’m busy, my friends/family are busy. Our schedules don’t match. They aren’t working out right now. They don’t like the gym. We don’t do the same types of workouts. We are at different fitness levels. The list goes on and on. Am I partly to blame for this? Yes. Does that make it any less frustrating? No. 

5. I hate the feeling of being sore

I don’t understand why people like their muscles being sore. I don’t get it. Truly there is nothing worse than trying to sit on the toilet after leg day. 

6. I get self conscious to the point my anxiety overtakes me, and I have to quit.

This really only happens at the gym. I will get nervous or overwhelmed by the amount of people and the level of creepiness that I quit my workout. I won’t go into the weight room if there are more than 3 people in there. I won’t stay if it’s overly crowded. Do I know that pretty much no one cares what I do at the gym? Yes. Does it make a difference? No 

7. I make weird noises.

I either grunt, forget to breath, pant like a dog, or cry. It’s incredibly embarrassing. Even at home. 

8. If I’m home, the dogs always have to get in on the action. 

You haven’t worked out until you’ve had 2 chihuahuas in your face. Archie will chase me around the room while. Murphy lays on my chest. I get nonstop kisses the whole time. It’s great. 

Murphydoodles helping me do crunches.

9. I’m impatient on progress. 

Every time I work out, I expect it to be easier. Every time, I’m wrong. I can lift a bit more and run longer, but it’s still hard. I think I just had unrealistic expectations about how easy working out should be. (Hint: if you’re doing it right, you should always be working to improve. AKA if it’s easy, push harder) 

10. No matter how much I hate it, I still have to do it as often as possible to see results

I try to get at least a minimum of 3 days of exercise. In addition to that, I try to get between 8,000-12,000 steps a day. I believe in rest days. I believe in just yoga days. I believe in listening to my body. If it is tired I stop or skip a day. I do need to bump up my routine so I can get stronger and better result. 

This session was on the app FitStar. 21 minutes of nothing but pain and discomfort.
I will complain all day every day, but I will continue to push to make my body healthy. I know how I want to look, and how I want to feel. It takes work, and that’s what I plan to do. 


Author: jessethephoenix

Teacher, learner, dog mom, and nerd

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